::modular composition consisting of 3 passenger wagons + restaurant wagon
::made of modified 80 liters scrap water boilers attached to a bicycle
::capacity 3 kids + cyclist

Karkatag Collective was invited to take part in the 7th edition of the Przetwory Festival in Warsaw. Whole process was organised as on site work/workshop, together with design students from Warsaw as participants.
The festival topic was Kids and our response was specialised bike powered vehicle able to cut trough festival crowd and slow dragging masses. Boiler train offered possibility for its passengers (mainly kids) to enjoy unexpected roller-coaster like ride and incredible loops in tight crowded festival building.

conceptmarko dimitrijevic
technical solutionaleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic/marko dimitrijevic
crewagnieszka sochal/aleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic/gaelle leenhardt/
marko dimitrijevic/michal supron/paul juin/tadej kurepa
booklet/illustrationgaelle leenhardt
productionkarkatag collective/przetwory festival 2012/artanimacje