::utility object/ interactive installation/ automaton/ remont gallery's donation box
::leather, metal, wood, electronics, sensors, actuators, sand, paint
::part of a "Do you need Remont?" campain

By using widespread symbols of fight and advocating for the art scene this work is inspired by a word game with the syntagm donation box

Donation as symbol of financial support, and boxing as symbol of readiness to jump into a fight are merged into automaton that is realized as funfair machine, a punching arcade. This device, aesthetically camouflaged and fine tuned for the gallery environment, suptly introduces elements of amusement park into a gallery space questioning borders between art and amusement, which is one of the frequent motifs in Karkatag's work

conceptmarko dimitrijevic
technical solutionaleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic/marko dimitrijevic
productionkarkatag collective