Security and safety are power words of the contemporary political speech. Safety should not be compromised in traffic nor in the workplace. In the name of safety we do preventive military interventions and wars. Safety protocols must not be compromised.

Deliberate and willing actions of compromising safety and security are amongst the most solid taboos of the civilization we belong to, no matter if we name it Western, Contemporary, European or the First World.

The presence of such a solid taboo is intriguing and symptomatic.
Whether it is a global conspiracy construct or a natural product of society development, the safety taboo remains the last great taboo of a society that otherwise aspires towards the values of freedom and becomes its unique point of identity.

The need for human safety is constructed in such manner that it completely legitimizes control over the society in the name of safety.

conceptaleksandar popovic
technical solutionaleksandar popovic/marko dimitrijevic/ana dimitrijevic
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