::karkatag's events
::exposing works simultaneously on four unactivated and hidden city spots around green market
::zone around Zeleni venac green market
::supplied with map for exploration
::october 2013

"4 Mechanical Spots" is street event. Street was chosen rather than museum, gallery, theatre, for having other rules and bigger potential for contingency and unpredictability. Perceiving the public space as a stage, in this case we chose the market and area around as the zone for action. Reasons for this choice are diverse, and, apart from the obvious historical role of markets in social transactions, plenty of nooks and shortcuts, these areas are in our focus for their frequency and diversity of visitors / passers by.

We "direct" situations by placing there interactive machines/installations/objects to become both the scenography and performer, space and body, space and a motion in space. That is one very theatrical situation. Mass directed improvisation. Small utopistic playfulness on the street.

conceptkarkatag collective
crewaleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic/ana sarvanovic/gaelle leenhardt/
johanna marcade/jovana lutovac/lidija kljakovic/luka popovic/marko dimitrijevic/
marko radosevic/milica ivic/petar lausevic/rastko popovic/sasa jaksic/uros/uros jovanovic
grafic designgaelle leenhardt/marko dimitrijevic
productionkarkatag collective