::the opening event of 2012 Transeuropa festival
::audio-visual experiment on the streets of Belgrade
::Walk was part of simultaneous events happening in 14 cities in Europe

"Hear Our Walk" is exposing biological, mechanical, musical and/or rhythmical sensation of the walk itself by amplifying the sound of steps of Walkers. It is built on playful basis allowing the Walkers to reconnect the sound with their body moves and to play with it.
"Hear Our Walk" is exploring the possibilities for walking-together-in-order-to-tell-something other than a protest or parade. In contrast to general idea of protest/parade, message here is not visible on the surface, but is presented through the significant stories that are being retold person to person on the street.

conceptana dimitrijevic
technical solutionaleksandar popovic/marko dimitrijevic
crewaleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic/marko dimitrijevic/damjan jovanovic/jovana lutovac
productionkarkatag collective/european alternatives