::reconstruction of the folding chimney on 100 years old steamboat
::4. - 8. February 2014, Savamala, Belgrade

Župa is 100 years old abandoned steamboat with intense and turbulent history. As many other river steamboats of that age, it had foldable chimney to enable ship to pass under low bridges. Chimney was able to fold using simple pendulum mechanism with heavy cast iron weights that counterbalance the mass of the chimney.

In recent history the ship was (and still is) docked near Belgrade city centre.
In one failed attempt to be towed away, workers cut off its chimney, that was, in that moment, stuck in upright position.

Current initiative of the cultural institutions and local community for Župa is to stay docked on its position and to be converted to a floating cultural centre.

Putting chimney's folding mechanism back in order was specific challenge for Karkatag, having in mind its total weight of around 3 tons.
When restored, it became specific interactive toy, the only mechanism that is now working on the ship and that every visitor can manipulate.
It also become symbol of new activities on the ship.

crewaleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic/marko dimitrijevic
productionkarkatag collective/urban incubator - goethe institut/uk parobrod