::design and exploration of new mechanical limbs
::research workshop with selected participants
::14-23 September 2012

Recycled Creativity Festival welcomed Karkatag Collective for organizing the research workshop "Body Extensions" from 14th to 23rd of September in Berlin. Collective has been invited by Kulturlabor Trial & Error, organization working with crafts, D.I.Y. culture, sustainability, arts and media.
For this occasion Karkatag wanted to explore even closer relation between man and mechanism/mechanic device. Aim was making smaller scale interactive mechanisms that could represent possible limbs, such as tails, horns, wings, membranes and any other, never seen ones.
The workshop took place on two different locations (Lohmüle, Funkhaus Grünau). First presentation Body Extensions had on Experiment Days, and after on Recycled Creativity Festival closure event in the form of shadow theatre improvisation where the audience joined and played together with Extensors.

tutors aleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic
crew aleksandar popovic/ana dimitrijevic/firas ivanovic/ivana lalevic/claire terrien/
milan manic/vladana erdeg